Spring Fever

April 17, 2013 | Category: blog train, Uncategorized

I don’t know about you, but spring fever has apparently hit. My days are completely mixed up right now. I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday, only to realize as I was getting ready for bed that it was actually Tuesday. What a bummer! LOL

My husband built a new brooder for my chicks this weekend. I am so excited! It is a collapsible wooden one with a lid that seems huge right now due to the chicks still being small. They won’t be for long though, and this should be perfect for them until they are moved outdoors. We will easily be able to use this brooder for many years worth of chicks in the future.

The homestead is finally getting a good plowing this weekend, and I can’t be more ecstatic about that! I feel like we will finally be able to get things moving and really figure what we are going to do with the property after that is done. The place is a 5 acre mess right now. There are literally 7-8 foot weeds all over. We cut them down last year and they wasted no time growing back. Unfortunately, the root systems take forever to remove by hand with just a shovel, and we also were dealing with layer upon layer upon another layer of weed protection fabric that obviously didn’t work too well. Some of those 8 foot weed grew around the irrigation pipes throughout the property, making them nearly impossible to remove. By the time we got several weeds dug up, it was growing season again and way too hot to do much with it from there on out, therefore getting out of control once again.

Well, one of our neighbors saw us working one day and asked if we minded him “experimenting” with some of his heavy duty equipment and seeing if it would remove some of the stuff. We excitedly told him yes, PLEASE! Sure enough, in about 5 minutes he cleared an entire row that would have taken us a minimum of 6 months to remove. No lie! So, he is coming back this weekend to finish it up. After that we can remove the pipes that are literally EVERYWHERE. But that will be a thousand times easier without the weeds and fabric entangled with them.

So, we are definitely happily looking forward to the coming weeks. We will be busily planting our garden, building a new coop for our bantams, removing pipes from all over the property, and spring cleaning/organizing. Hopefully the grass will take off and fill in some of the sandy areas that will be overtaking the property once everything is removed. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and am super excited to see where we end up taking this old nursery property from here on out. 🙂

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