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April 8, 2013 | Category: blog train, Uncategorized

Last week was our spring break and most of the kiddos ended up sick the first few days. Kind of a bummer, but if they had to be sick, it was probably best it wasn’t on a school day. I doubt they would agree. haha So, not much went on aside from Friday when we decided we would look into getting some new chicks for our flock. We have 4 Barred Plymouth Rock hens we were given that were a couple of years old when we got them. They are sweet and really great layers. So, last spring we added 1 Barred Rooster and 6 red pullets. We only lost one of the reds when she was about 9 months old. Not sure what happened to her, but we found her dead in the coop one afternoon. 🙁 Our neighbor has lost numerous chickens to predators the past couple of months, so we feel one chicken lost in our year here was doing pretty good.

We, (well, to be honest it was really me and the kids) headed over to the feed store and picked up 6 of THE cutest assorted bantams we’d seen. Our thought is that we will let these free range in the soon-to-be garden area and rid the area of pests. We shall see how that goes. Of course, there is that pesky little detail that they are straight run chicks, meaning we have no idea if we have all girls, all boys, or a mixture….we can only guess what breeds they are at this point, too. We’re naturally hoping for all females, but statistically we know that is not likely. I’m not sure what we will do if there are multiple roos, because our current rooster is pretty aggressive. I suppose we will wait a while to see what they end up being and what their personalities are like.

So, want to see pictures of these cute little fluffy butt chicks we got?

Total sweetness, right?! I’m on the lookout for some Splash or Blue Silkies and Americana or Easter Egger chicks next. I would love the blue or green eggs, and those Silkies….oh my goodness, I just think they are adorable. 🙂

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