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September 4, 2012 | Category: blog train, homeschool

It’s the fourth week of the school year and we are finally in a good groove. I thought I’d go ahead and post how our schedule is working right now. This is subject to change after Christmas. We always seem to do great up until Christmas and then from January to March we struggle to get back into the same groove. By mid-March, I usually end up changing things up just to get us through the remainder of the year. We’ll see how it goes this year. 🙂

Right now our schedule looks like this:

Monday and Wednesday
Together – Bible and Year-long Body Unit Study
Individual Work – Math (all using Saxon), Daily Grammar, Reading, Journal, Spelling, Science, Calendar Notebook (Cassie, Elena, Josh), Social Skills Book (Josh)

Tuesday and Thursday
Together – Bible, Mystery Of History, Body Unit
Individual – Math, Daily Grammar, Reading, Journal, Calendar Notebook (Cassie, Elena, Josh), Social Skills Book (Josh), Spelling

Together – President, Composer, Artist, State, Country
Individual – Spelling Test

Things that get added as we can – Music, Art (aside from what goes with the artist study), field trips, home ec.

I have our country studies set up so that I cover the countries that are represented at Epcot are covered first. We already have Disney tickets, so why not make the trips educational, right? 🙂

Again, all of this is subject to change, but we are doing well with it this way for now. In fact, I think this year by far has been our easiest year transitioning back into starting the school year. Joshua usually regresses a bit at the end of a school year, and it usually signifies he is going to have some sort of growth in either stature or emotional and social growth. This year’s regression was delayed until the end of summer break. I’m not real sure if the delay was due to our move or what other reason there would be for it, but I can say it has been a bit rougher this time around. I think we are starting to see the end of that tunnel though, and although we are still seeing some regression, I am also seeing a bit of the growth. He has really been focusing better on school and getting the work done with little complaint. Whereas last year was a huge struggle to get him to do even the simplest work and even the thought of having to do Math would send him into a tizzy, I have not had any problems about getting him to get school done and Math has been with very little trouble this year. I’ve praised him so much the past few weeks about how great he has been doing this year. He’s actually making effort and showing progress and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 Even he has mentioned that he feels he is doing better this year. Thank goodness!

So, that’s our schedule for the year. We’re happy to be back into a routine. Hopefully now I can find time to add in some house projects again.

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