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…and the living is eeeeeeee-asy. Well, at least a bit more laid back than it had been through the school year anyway. We decided to take a break from the busy days that we have had since moving down here and just sort of chill this summer. No group activities, no lessons – just good old fashioned playing and reading and getting things done that had to wait until we had time to do them.

We have also had a few trips back home this summer. We spent a week there for VBS where the kids had a great time. The theme was “Castle Kids”. They came home with just about an entire knight’s wardrobe that they created a piece of each day. Really cool! We also had some sad trips. My husband’s grandmother passed away last month and we were able to go back and visit a few times while she was in the hospital, a nursing home, and then back in the hospital. We also were able to make it to her funeral, thankfully. I was able to learn a good bit about her in a letter that was read there…things that I had never had the opportunity to hear before. Things like stories about how she was raised on a farm and her father (who hubby was named after) was a cattle and sweet potato farmer. Hubby and I found ourselves giggling about this later. We may not have cattle, but our neighbor has 80 acres with cattle, and our other neighbor had told us the only thing he has found that grows well here are sweet potatoes. It was as if we had come full circle and hadn’t even realized it.

Since VBS week, I’ve been busy prepping for the upcoming school year. I am determined to be more organized this year since we now have all of our school stuff in one place and no longer in storage. Last year was a mess due to having things in storage in preparation for our move. As many know, it took us a whole lot longer to find a new home than we originally planned (a whole year!). This year however, I have an actual craft/school room/office space that allows me to actually have everything organized and at my fingertips. So, I am plugging away trying to organize everything in there. I find myself feeling a bit anxious over the fact that my oldest is going into the 8th grade. It is our last year before high school and I am nervous as heck about fitting everything in before we have to get overly serious about the future.

On a totally different matter, my husband has also managed to talk me into letting him get a cat. Now, cats are not my thing. I don’t hate them or anything, I just don’t get all goo goo over them like some people are known to do. I usually just ignore them the best I can. I’m just a dog person at heart. So, when he texted me asking what I thought about getting a cat, I knew he had already had his heart set on one. I called and asked what cat, got told about how his co-worker has these adorable little kittens and we could go check them out. Oy! His co-worker narrows it to the two males in the group for us because they will probably do best with kids and are the most affectionate in the litter. We met the two kittens and hubby picked out the one he wanted. He is a cute little mixed breed kitten that is now named Asimov (after the author). He had his first check-up and set of shots today and hubby said he was wonderful while being poked and prodded. Even the vet was impressed! Azzie (what we are calling him) loves me to death. I am starting to warm up to him a little bit, too. How can I help it? Look at this face!

The second picture was taken while I was trying to work on some invites for a friend of mine, but that cat just would NOT let me. If he wasn’t laying on the keys, he was scrolling for me or chasing after the curser as it moved on the screen. He’s quite an attention hog, mainly because he knows I don’t want him all over me. He’s a little stinker. 🙂

I did finally get the invites done the next day, much to Azzie’s chagrin. My friend’s children have birthdays very close together, so she asked if I would mind making three luau themed invites for her to use – one for family, one for daughter one’s friends, and one for daughter two’s friends. I just love how they turned out. 🙂 Hubby was trying to convince me to get back into this aspect of scrapping for others, but I just don’t know that there is really a market for this type of thing down here. Who knows? I may surprise myself and get back into that or designing at some point. I do miss scrapping regularly.

I had best get back to planning for school. Hard to believe we only have a few weeks of break left! I will try to update more frequently this year. It would be nice to keep track of some of our school activities while sharing them with my family and friends who aren’t on facebook. Have a wonderful week!

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