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June 8, 2012 | Category: blog train, Uncategorized

When we were originally house hunting, we had put in an offer and were close to closing on a house with a really awesome floor plan that included 3 1/2 bathrooms. The boys and girls were supposed to each have their own bathroom and had pretty much decided what theme/colors they wanted in each. In the end, we had to walk away from that house and restart our house hunt due to some questionable practices by the bank that owned the house (such a stealing the fence after being under contract). We eventually found the house that we now own.

This house has a bathroom on each end of the house. One has a shower stall and the other has a tub. We decided the one with the tub would be the kids’ bath, and I asked them all for their opinion on how they wanted to decorate it. All of them said they wanted a Disney theme, though there was no real definite character they mentioned. Elena wanted princesses, but there was no way the boys would ever agree to that. Cassidy wanted the castle, but one of the boys mentioned how girly he felt it was. Joshua wanted Nemo, and Jacob waanted just a general Disney feel. I had spotted some Disney bath items at Target a few months back, so I figured I would eventually pick them up when the time came. Flash to this week, and lo and behold, I noticed there were several Disney themed bath items on clearance for 30% off. I usually don’t pick up clearance until 50% off, but I also know that Disney items will sell out fast when the price drops, especially with us living where we are in relation to the parks. So I grabbed a few things and headed home with Miss Elena being told that it was a huge secret.

I chose a Mickey shower curtain that is a little bit short for our highly set bar, but I think I will eventually add a little something to the bottom to extend it a bit. I picked up a Mickey head lotion pump that I am currently using for soap instead. Works like a charm and look ever so cute in there. I had an old Mickey bank from my childhood that I placed on the countertop. I also grabbed some super cute embroidered hand towels. Boy, oh boy, were the kids ever surprised and excited when they walked into the bathroom after I set it all up later on. I was trying to figure out what I could use to hang on the wall. I decided to take a piece of black glitter scrapbook paper that I got on clearance a few months back at Target and cut them to fit in some small 8×10 frames I already had on hand. I attached our Disney pins to the paper by pushing them through the paper and then closed the back of the frame as if it were a photograph. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not since it isn’t a shadowbox, but so far it seems to be holding up ok. I’m still not happy with the placement of the frames, so I will be playing with that soon. I have a couple of other ideas from pinterest that I am playing with as well, such as framed character silhouettes in a row above the towels. What I really love about this is that I can eventually get some red, black, white, and even bold yellow towels and additional touches. Being a Disney nut, I have a lot of little Disney themed items that can be switched in and out of there for an ever revolving room. It’s definitely going to make it more fun to clean in there. 🙂

So what do you think? Any new bathroom decorating adventures going on in your home?

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