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June 8, 2012 | Category: blog train, Uncategorized

Ever had one of THOSE weeks? You know the ones. The ones where there doesn’t seem to be a single day that doesn’t have a small crisis or event that is going to cost you money in the longrun.

We got the news a couple of weeks ago that my husband’s grandmother was not doing well. We went home for a visit. Luckily for us, we have moved far, yet close enough to make a drive home for a couple of hours and make it back same day. Then last week, she seemed to take a turn for the worse and we were told she would be being moved to Hospice. This prompted us to plan another trip home for the weekend, which involved us lugging our dogs and Cassie’s bunny with us. Fun times!

A few days before our trip, I was flossing when I felt something odd. My left upper wisdom tooth apparently chipped and a large piece came off. I freaked out. I am terrified of the dentist. Yes, my approaching 40 self is petrified thanks to a horrible childhood dentist who refused to fully numb me before performing extractions EVERY single time I went into his office. So, I shakily called a dentist that one of my local friends had recently used, and after talking to the extremely friendly staff member who was sadly given the task of speaking to me, I made an appointment for this past Tuesday. When I got off the phone, I broke into tears, and I cried off and on for a couple of days, worrying all the while about the pain and ridicule I was going to have to endure due to my fears preventing me from going to the dentist for a much larger amount of years than I care to discuss.

Next came our weekend home to visit Nanny. We were able to spend some time with her on Saturday. On Sunday, she never woke up during our visit. My husband was able to sit with her for a good hour and a half while I took the kids walking around the hospital and busy.

On Monday, we had to fit in the shopping that we normally do on weekends. This included a trip to a Tractor Supply Co in a nearby town for chicken feed. I dropped my husband off to get the feed, and as he walked through the store’s doors, the air conditioner in my van began making a horrid sound. We had previously noticed that the air seemed to not be cooling nearly as well as it had in the past, so we assumed that the noise had something to do with that. I mentioned it to Si when he got in the van, as if I really needed to do so with the sounds the van was producing at this point, and he figured it was coming from the blower. The odd part was that despite the fact that it sounded like something was going to fall out of my van at this point, the air actually started to feel a bit cold again.

Nanny was moved to Hospice on Monday and on Tuesday, around 6am, we got a call saying she had passed away peacefully in her sleep. I was sad to hear the news, and a bit surprised at how quickly she was gone. Her funeral is set for this weekend, and I think that is when it will finally hit me and the kids.

As if that wasn’t a bad enough start to Tuesday, I also had my dental appointment to face. My van would not start, so we had to jump it. I did though, in full on panic and fear-stricken fashion, get to my appointment with time to spare. The dental assistant and dentist were so wonderful, and after 2 1/2 hours of talking, getting medical history, x-rays, fully numbing me (including a pre-numbing gel that I had never in my lifetime been given before shots – thank goodness for the advancements in the dental profession!). I felt silly when the dentist was finished. He did such a wonderful job in numbing me and making sure I was ok throughout the appointment, as well as not being understanding as to why I don’t go to the dentist unless I have a problem, due to my past experiences. It went well enough, and he built enough trust that I was even willing to book another appointment in two months to get some more work done. Will I go in with a smile and lack of neves? Not likely. LOL However, I won’t be quite as quick to tears and can probably breathe without having to be reminded the entire time. 😛

After I got home, Si took off to buy a new battery for the van. Amazing how much easier it starts now. LOL Apparently he was told a couple of months ago that it was weak, but he decided to wait until it wouldn’t start anymore before replacing it. I’m not going to say anything more about that one, other than we all know if I had been there when this was told, it would have been replaced. 😉

Wednesday I was dealing with a little bit of pain and swelling, but not too bad. I knew I needed to get some clothes and shoes for some of the kids for the upcoming funeral, so I took Elena and we headed out to shop. When I got in the van, the noise was still going strong and there also appeared to be a slight odor. The more Elena and I drove, the worse the smell got. I told Si when I returned home, and he confirmed my thoughts – something crawled into the ventilation system and died. So, Thursday was spent getting that taken care of, and $600 later, we now have a cleaned out and fully functioning ventilation system in our van again. It was, to quote a famous cartoonist, all “started by a mouse”. Blech!

Speaking of mice, I have also managed to do a little decorating in the kids/guest bathroom. I’ll be back with the details in a new post. Until then, here is hoping the upcoming week goes better than this one did!

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