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May 28, 2012 | Category: blog train, Uncategorized

Unbelievably, our oldest son becomes a teenager tomorrow. So hard to believe! The grandparents were asking about birthday lists from him and when I got it and took a look, I honestly had nothing jump out at me as what we should get for him. So, I talked to him and we decided that our gift to him would be to work on his room. Everything pretty much got thrown in there and placed without any real order. On top of that, his room had almost a girly theme to it and I knew he wasn’t fond of it. He loved the space and not having to share a room with his brother anymore, but the pastel green walls and flowery border the previous owners had left was far from cool.

So, we let him decide what colors he wanted to work with. He wanted to keep his reversible comforter, so that saved on our costs a bit. He chose the paint swatch, then chose some accent colors for shelving and his chair while the paint was being mixed. Cassie and I painted the chair and bookshelf once we got home.

Yesterday, we scrubbed the walls, moved the furniture into the closet and center of the room, taped off the baseboards and such, removed that lovely border, and then got to work painting. For some reason, hubby and I both thought the color was way off from what we thought Jacob had chosen. I called him in to take a look and he said he really liked it. So after the first coat of paint, I went and found the swatch, and sure enough, it was right. Whew!

After the paint dried, I went through Jacob’s artwork and chose two of his paintings to frame. That was no small feat, let me tell you! I have never seen someone with so much paper in my entire life. Let’s put it this way: he has gone through 5 reams of paper since Christmas, and he has been drawing daily since well before that.

I have to say, I REALLY am happy with the change in the room, as is Jacob. We rearranged the furniture while he was sleeping in his brother’s room last night, so he was excited to see the completely new look to the room.

So, let’s take a look-see, shall we?

Before: dull, disorganized, and somewhat girly. Don’t you just love that border in the left photo? haha You just know he did!

After: A bit more organized, boyish, bolder, and way more “Jacob”. haha Apparently Lucy decided to photobomb in that bottom left photo. Oops!

The other kids are a tad jealous now, I think, so they are all starting to make plans for their rooms. Should be interesting to see what they all choose.

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